"This has presumably been added to this page to emphasize how things that one might normally keep private about can be broadcast to the world through the internet."

I think the craziest thing is…sometimes I work so hard to get the attention of others by acting like I’m someone that I’m not. Like I say things that seem so weird the moment they leave my lips, because I feel like it will attract people. It’s silly that I still do that and I’m like, not a kid anymore. I gotta just start remembering that Charan is a pretty awesome guy.

People might wish they’d never said something, and say they didn’t mean it, but for the moment they said it, they did mean it.

A human being is a mixture of different moods and selfs and characteristics. Some we find acceptable – the nice, kind parts – and others we sometimes disown, which tend to be selfish and greedy. As we get older, we push down the selfish parts so we appear nicer to other people. Unfortunately, if we don’t listen to our feelings and work out what’s making us feel bad, the part we don’t like can burst out and make us say things we later regret.

---Philipa Perry

"And you weren’t in love with her?"

No. I might have been in love with the idea of her. I might have loved the attention. But I didn’t love her, and it seemed incredible unfair to let someone love me when I didn’t feel the same way in return.

Caught some fireworks! Edited the photos with a vintage feel.